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We are especially excited about the success of our Field Trial Training program. The program is tailored to each individual dog, with the owner's goals in mind. We strive to produce dogs that will be "all that they can be", with the superior attitudes of Field Trial winners instilling confidence, enthusiasm, and reliability.

Great emphasis is placed on showing and teaching them as they proceed through training. Our dogs learn through repetition and success, and achieve a clear understanding of what is expected.

Our training methods are designed to build a solid foundation, using conventional training techniques as well as modern collar methods. The collar is used only to reinforce lessons that have been thoroughly taught and are well understood by the dog.

We proudly teach advanced work in such a way that our dogs perform with a high level of style, confidence, control, and desire. Our Trial dogs are trained using consistent high standards that achieve quality performances, striving to teach the dogs to think for themselves and to problem solve in all situations.

We run a complete and thorough retriever training operation, incorporating the latest equipment along with proven training techniques for a comprehensive and successful program.

Owner Involvement is especially encouraged. We work with you regularly as your dog progresses. You and your dog are taught to work as a proficient team, and encouraged to put as much hands-on participation as you have time, interest, and ability.

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