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Caring for your Dog

We will provide your dog with excellent care and supervision.

Our kennels are clean and comfortable, with the utmost attention given to the dogs’ well being.

We proudly feed Purina dog foods.
Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Salmon and Rice Formula, Pro Plan Focus Adult 26/16 Salmon and Rice Formula, and Pro Plan Focus Puppy Large Breed 28/13 Chicken and Rice Formula.

If you want your dog to have a special diet, you may bring it for your dogs feeding. No credit is given for using food you supply.

If you want to visit your dog or take them home temporarily (weekends, holidays, vacations etc.) please call ahead to inform us of your plans. To secure your spot no credit will be given while your dog is gone temporarily.

If your dog is an excessive barker, we ask that you furnish a bark collar, or we will purchase one for you and bill you accordingly. The collar will be yours to keep at the end of your dogs stay.


Vet Care

We will assume the right to obtain veterinary services as deemed necessary for your dog while in our care. We will advise you beforehand, if possible, as to a medical problem. If there is an emergency situation, we will act accordingly. Any veterinary expense incurred will be billed to you.

Veterinarian Services:

Cal Cadmus, D.V.M., Oakdale Veterinary Group. Phone # (209) 847-2257

Red Rover Retrievers ~ Oakdale, CA ~ Ronan, MT ~ 209.840.1680

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